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Friendship Lillies

What does friendships mean to you? Each day as you go about your daily lives… do you recollect on times with old and current friends?

I grew up in a very small town along the Red River in the beautiful state of Texas. My best friend growing up was the person who stood by my side since the 1st grade. We literally did everything together.

As we reached our high school years, we started to grow more and more apart as our lives became so different than each other’s. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it’s a normal process of life to drift and explore new things as you reach you teenage years.

I moved away to attend college in a small town outside of Dallas. We stayed in touch of course, but as we aged we continued to grow apart. I moved back home not to long afterwards and things were so different, I guess it’s safe to say we were becoming our own individualized selves. It was actually really great to see each other grow separately.

As we began to grow further into our adult hood, after marriages and children, we hardly spoke at all. Actually thinking about it now, I haven’t spoken to her in years. With that being said, I know how to get a hold of her, I know we will start a conversation off just as we left our last one, and I know we still love each other are great friends.

In looking at the picture above, of a fairy lily also know as a friendship lily, it reminds me of such friends who have come and gone in my life. Each one of the being a good part of my life, a benefit to each other some how at that timeframe. A wonder sign of growth within each of us. As my friendship lily dies and grows new flower each week, it reminds me of the ever changing patterns of our lives!

So remember, with each changing season, a friend should always be one who can help you out when you are in a genuine need and with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have friends who care for you and your quest to grow and explore!

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